Deliverables are a common tool to measure the outcome of a project and to verify the envisaged milestones. They should be meaningful in terms of the project´s objectives and are normally constituted by e.g. a written report or document, a developed tool or software, an organised training or conference. Deliverables as contractual obligations are often time consuming and seen as a waste of “research” time, as one more administrative task without any use. However, deliverables are not only needed to verify the progress of a project, good planned deliverable can be used in a profitable way for the project. Projects aim on creating and sharing knowledge, and deliverables can help to increase the visibility and the impact of the project by disseminating its outcome. Most of our scientific deliverables are therefore public and available as soon as they have been approved by the EC. We will share not only the scientific results but will also give general information about the training activities of our ESRs.