During the lifetime of P-TRAP the consortium fosters a close collaboration by regular meetings which were implemented right from the beginning and on all levels within the consortium. This helps the participants to keep engaged, supports the ESRs and finally ensure a successful and high-impact project.

I) Annual Consortium Meetings: All participants of P-TRAP are invited to the consortium meetings, which are organised by selected beneficiaries. Here we meet in person once a year and discuss all aspects that matter for the project, including administrative and scientific topics, in detail. The previous reporting periods are evaluated and the time lines for the next are fixed. A brief summary of the Annual Meetings will be published.

II) tele-conferences: The consortium holds regular tele-conferences preferentially every 3 months to keep each other updated about the actual progress. The WP leader are asked to give a brief overview about the status of their work packages and the involved partners, and the participants discuss the main relevant issues for the upcoming months, e.g. status of projects, presentation of P-TRAP or upcoming administrative tasks as deliverables and their contributions.

III) ESR skype meetings: The ESRs, which have to implement Training and Research logs, have chosen to hold regular and self-organised remote meetings to document their progress regarding training and research. They exchange information, and discuss relevant issues such as measurements, joint field campaigns, the organisation of secondments or data exchange. Minutes of the meetings are available for the consortium.

IV) WP meetings: All WP leaders are encouraged to organise regular WP meetings with the PIs involved in their WP. As the WPs have a close email contact and also in combination with the regular 3-monthly tele-conferences, the frequency of dedicated WP meetings is on request.

V) individual meetings: Each ESR holds regular and individual meetings with her/his supervisor and co-supervisor. This is organised at the host institutions, also by email, remote and at the annual meetings in person. Within P-TRAP we foster a low-hierarchy mentality to ensure a high level of knowledge transfer and interaction, not only between the ESRs but also between the ESRs and all senior scientists. This will help the ESRs and ensure a higher impact of the project.