You are interested new concepts in removal, recycling and management of diffuse Phosphorus? Welcome to our project blogs! P-TRAP is an EU H2020 project, funded as a Maria Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network. P-TRAP combines fundamental and more applied research to develop new strategies to better constrain the P cycle. We will use this blog to share our experiences during our many secondments, field work, lab work, and much more!

My pre-secondment at Eawag, distance made no difference

Hi, I’m Xingyu and in this blog I want to tell you about my preparation secondment at or better „with“ Eawag, because it was a virtual one. Between the constraints of the pandemic and the legal requisites in Switzerland for researchers, I couldn’t be physically present at Eawag. However, we made the most out of…

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My secondment at Fertiberia – an enriching experience!

Hello there! I am Tolulope, ESR 8, hosted at the University of Sevilla, Spain. I am a Soil Scientist and Agronomist. Since I had some experience introducing new fertilizer products and working with small holder farmers in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) before starting my PhD, I was also interested in gaining richer experience along this…

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It’s all about biovivianite!

Hello there! I am Lordina Eshun, ESR 5, from the University of Manchester, UK. In this blog, I will talk about my secondment at the University of Seville, Spain. After several postponements due to the Covid-19 pandemic and visa issues, I finally got the opportunity to travel to Seville, the beautiful city and capital of…

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To go or not to go? Conferences for early career scientists

– By Ville Nenonen – This blog post was originally meant to tell my experiences during my secondment at Utrecht University at October 2022. During the secondment, I had the plan to present my work at the Utrecht University and at the Wageningen University. However, due to catching Covid-19, I had to stay most of…

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Finding substitutes

Hi, I’m Rouven and in this blog I report about my second secondment at the research institute eawag by Zurich, Switzerland. Before the stay? The secondment started already way before the actual stay, back home at the university of Vienna. We tried to synthesize vivianite (a phosphate mineral I’m working with) this time not as…

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Coming to an End

Hi, here is Rouven (ESR10), and in this blog I will tell you a bit about my final secondment at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Wageningen University In October 2022 time has come to start my final secondment – this time in the Netherlands at Wageningen university. The Wageningen university started roughly 100 years ago…

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Time flies and my PhD is coming to an end!

I am very grateful for this experience in the P-TRAP project, I could work together with very interesting people I can now call friends and learned a lot about diffuse source phosphorous transport. On this blog I want to share a snapshot of each chapter of my thesis while I am also searching for the…

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Elevator pitches – THE real challenge!

The most challenging type of presentation is the short one! Describing your science and what you want to achieve is much easier if you have a lot of time to explain. Bringing it to the point, and more challenging explaining it e.g. to someone who has no clue what you are doing, is the supreme…

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