You are interested new concepts in removal, recycling and management of diffuse Phosphorus? Welcome to our project blogs! P-TRAP is an EU H2020 project, funded as a Maria Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network. P-TRAP combines fundamental and more applied research to develop new strategies to better constrain the P cycle. We will use this blog to share our experiences during our many secondments, field work, lab work, and much more!

One can overcome even the greatest of challenges when well-prepared

Hello everyone! I am Oleksandr Bolielyi, and I’m glad to greet you in the new blog post of P-TRAP. Today I will tell you the story of my secondment at Aquaminerals in May-July 2021 in the Netherlands, and how it was managed at this difficult time. I hope that you will enjoy it! From the start it was…

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Hi dear blog post reader!

I am Ville, working at Eawag in Switzerland. My work revolves around the oxidation of iron in the presence of phosphate and numerous other solutes and how they all together affect the structure and phosphate binding capabilities of iron solids. In this blog, I would like to share some of my experiences during my P-TRAP…

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Not ISS but ICS – Iron coated sand!

Hi, I’m Victoria and on this blog I want to tell you about my secondment at Arcadis. First of all, what’s a secondment? One of the nice things about the P-TRAP project is that every early stage researcher has to do 2 secondments during the time of their contract. These are temporary activities at another…

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Hybrid – but happy!

1 ½ years! ago our P-TRAP ESRs met each other for the one and only time during the first skills course in Bayreuth! And not even all of them! The corona pandemic takes much longer than expected, and all project networking activities were -and are still- reduced to a minimum. We made the best out…

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Water fun at UBT

Greetings everyone! In this blog post I would like to share my impressions from my first secondment, which took place at the University of Bayreuth. The task of this secondment was to test filter-stable materials by means of column experiment with the water from the field site in Weißenstadt (Voitsumra). Although this wasn’t my first…

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New year – new challenges!

This week we started with the first part of our 2nd P-TRAP school. Unfortunately back online, although most of us were secretly hoping for loads of Belgian waffles! The course aims to give an introduction on speciation codes and to get some hands-on about Fe-P interactions. Those speciation codes help to solve biogeochemical equations such…

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Lakes, labs, and a lot of collaboration We are the “lakes group”, busy with unravelling the dynamics of P and Fe in lake sediments. The common goal of our projects is to find a recipe for treating lakes against eutrophication with Fe recycled form drinking water production. We are Melanie (Utrecht University) and Karel (Bayreuth…

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. Hello there! Thank you for reading our blogpost series on “The Journey So Far”. In this third part, Rochelle Saracanlao (ESR2), Lordina Eshun (ESR5) and Tolulope Ayeyemi (ESR8) will share their experiences on the 1st year of their PhD program. Tolulope and Rochelle are focused on “Suitability of P containing Fe phases as fertilizers”,…

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. Hello there! Today, we continue with the series of our blogs on “The Journey So Far”. In this second part, Mingkai Ma (ESR6), Ville Nenonen (ESR7), and Rouven Metz (ESR10) share their first-year experience of their PhD journey. Within the P-TRAP project, Mingkai, Ville and Rouven are focused on the topic of “Processes linking…

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