Elevator pitches – THE real challenge!

The most challenging type of presentation is the short one! Describing your science and what you want to achieve is much easier if you have a lot of time to explain. Bringing it to the point, and more challenging explaining it e.g. to someone who has no clue what you are doing, is the supreme discipline.

During one of our skills workshops (https://h2020-p-trap.eu/2020/06/12/transferable-skills-an-important-part-of-our-training-network/) we learned about the magic of Didactical Reduction, a good start to participate in the annual Breaking Science communication competition for early career researchers (PhDs and postdocs).

The researchers have just three minutes to present what they are working on or a scientific concept from their field to a panel of judges. Before entering the contest the they learned how to design their pitch, how to bring this to the stage and how to engage with the audience. Imaging how useful the skill of mastering a pitch is, particularly if you want to apply for personal grants. Which for researchers is a must!

Our ESR Victoria was one of the presenting researchers, hats off! Have a look at her pitch and learn about Victorias project in a nutshell!