ESR 1 – Project description

Development of an on-site phosphorus retention technology

ESR 1: Xingyu Liu (China)

Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Peiffer (University of Bayreuth, Germany) / Co-supervisor: Prof. Eric Smolders (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Project description: The project of ESR 1aims at the development of a cartridge-based P removal system (P-TRAP system) using filter-stable Fe(III)-containing sorbents. P-TRAP systems will be tested and applied in drainage pipes draining a reduced shallow aquifer rich in P in North-East Bavaria with a focus on the long-term performance (e. g. effect of ageing of the sorbents on retention effectiveness). The chemical nature of bonding of P in P-Trap systems will be studied and its geochemical alterations upon exposure to geochemical field conditions (e. g. effect of redox conditions, organic substances).

Secondments planned:

GEOS: Leaching of Fe(III) containing P-trap sorbents with sulphide to recover P in sulphate reducing bioreactors (3 months)

UNIMAN: Studying microbial P mobilization from sorbent material after exposure to field conditions (2 months)

Deltares: P removal in drained agricultural areas by enhancing natural attenuation processes (1 month)