ESR 9 – Project description

Studying the effect of Fe addition to sediments on the sedimentary biogeochemical processes

ESR 9: Karel As

Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Peiffer (University of Bayreuth, Germany) / Co-supervisor: Dr. Thilo Behrends (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Project description:The project of ESR 9 aims to determine the dynamics of major biogeochemical cycles (C,N,Fe,S) and solute fluxes studying pore-water composition, solid phase speciation and turnover rates (e. g. sulphate reduction rates) in P-rich aquatic systems. The effect of biogeochemical cycles on the mobilisation of P considering will be numerically simulated using an early diagenetic modelling approach emphasizing the role of iron hydroxides as a geochemical barrier.

Secondments planned:

WATERNET: Monitor lake restoration measures based on Fe addition (3 months)

UNIMAN: Study the effect of Fe addition to sediments on microbial composition and turnover rates (2 months)

UU: Investigate P speciation in sediment samples (1 month)