ESR 8 – Project description

The effectiveness of vivianite as a sustainable Fe and P fertiliser for agricultural crops

ESR 8: Tolulope Ayeyemi

Supervisor: Prof. Antonio Delgado (University of Sevilla, Spain), Prof. María del Carmen del Campillo (University of Cordoba, Spain) / Co-supervisor: Prof. Jonathan Lloyd (University of Manchester, UK)

Project description: The project of ESR 8 is dedicated to study of the efficiency as P and Fe fertilizer of vivianite. This poorly soluble compound is obtained from the precipitation of P from waters, and it may be potentially useful as P and Fe source. The research will quantify the effect of application of vivianite to calcareous agricultural fields in comparison to conventional P fertilizers with regard to bioavailability, yield and crop quality (with ESR2, and 10). Also, it will establish the dosage of these Fe-P minerals required for obtaining similar P and Fe bioavailability and plant nutritional status as with conventional fertilizer (in this task, the company FERTIBERIA S.A will be involved). Establish the efficiency of vivianite as slow-release fertilizers by observing the annual time course of Fe and P bioavailability after fertilizer application in the field (with ESR7).

Secondments planned:

GEOTEAM: Introducing new types of fertilizers into agricultural practice (3 months)

KULEUVEN: Measure bioavailability of Fe and P in soils from field trials by DGT (2 months)

UNIVIE: Investigating effect plant exudates on mobilization of Fe in soils (1 month)